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About Us

Cupcakes & Bubbles is a small startup organic cupcake shop & champagne bar located in The Woodlands, TX.


We make our cupcakes using all organic and natural ingredients and are made from scratch on-site every morning.  Our ingredients are delivered 2-3 times a week to guarantee absolute freshness.  Our cupcakes are topped with light, fluffy Italian meringue buttercream frosting and cannot be compared to that of your normal American buttercream cupcake shops. 


Though champagne is often seen as a luxury product and thought about specifically for celebratory events, we want to acknowledge that champagne can be tasted and shared any day of the week.  Especially with dessert! 


Our combinations of carefully curated selections of bubbles specially paired with our special cupcake flavors gives you an out of this world experience.  To top it off, we’ve decorated our shop to be fun, classy, and inviting to share with friends, family, and loved ones. 


Let us transport you to another place or frame of mind.

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