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Host a wine party

Sit back & relax, we'll bring the tasting to you!

What’s the best way to learn about wine? Tasting it! Hosting an at-home wine tasting is the best way to spend a nice evening with friends and keep it on a budget.

Pick from one of our 3 packages and a Cupcakes & Bubbles Bon Vivant wine consultant will bring the wine tasting fun to you.


Carefully curated selections

Bubbles & Vine Club


We hand select 2 fantastic bottles every month and provide tasting notes, food pairings, and when to enjoy.  One bottle of wine, one bottle of bubbly. You'll love having the perfect pair picked out for you.  


We'll deliver to you the next month after you join and every month after, until you cancel. 

Our selections come from all over the world and are exclusive only to  Cupcakes & Bubbles.  If there is a bottle in your selection that you don't think is out of this world, bring it back and we'll pair you with something you do like.


Enjoy a free cupcake with delivery & other member perks!

  • Bubbles & Vine Club

    Every month
    Perfect for bubbles & wine lovers!
    • Mix of 2 bottles. 1 of each Bubbles and Wine
    • Free Cupcake upon Pickup
    • Free Birthday Cupcake
    • Receive 20% on all in store and online purchases
    • Tasting notes, food pairings, & fun facts about each bottle

Must be 21 to purchase and recieve delivery


Become a Bon Vivant

What does Bon Vivant mean?


[bän vēˈvänt] - a sociable person who has cultivated and refined tastes especially with respect to food and drink. A person who enjoys good food and wines and likes going to restaurants and parties.

bon vivant is a person who enjoys living “the good life” a connoisseur of food and drink and of the other things that go along with a life of leisure and luxury.  A sociable person who’s good at entertaining and can keep the party going with a good story. 

What does a Cupcakes & Bubbles Bon Vivant do?


Bon Vivants are independent wine consultants.  You will host, organize and book wine parties on your own and receive parties that are booked without a consultant if available.  Earn generous commissions by sharing our wines in a flexible way that can fit into your busy life alongside an existing career.  Must be 21 or older and loves sharing their passion of wine and sparkling wine.  

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